The LinuxBoot Book

LinuxBoot is a project that aims to replace specific firmware functionality with a Linux kernel and runtime. Over the years this project has grown to include various initiatives with the overarching goal of moving from obscure, complex firmware to simpler, open source firmware.

This is the official site of documentation for the LinuxBoot project. The book provides guidance on how to get started, and gives overviews and background on the different aspects of LinuxBoot.

Table of Contents

Chapter    Title
1    Overview and Table of Contents
2    LinuxBoot Introduction
3    LinuxBoot Components
4    All about u-root
5    The magical cpu command
6    Implementing LinuxBoot
6a    LinuxBoot using coreboot, u-root and systemboot
7    Glossary
8    Naming
9    Case Studies
10    Frequently Asked Questions


In alphabetical order: