OCP TiogaPass Case Study

Points of contact: Jonathan Zhang, Andrea Barberio, David Hendricks, Adi, Morgan Jang, Johnny Lin

This case study describes information for firmware development community to use OCP platform TiogaPass, made by Wiwynn Corporation.

It contains following sections:

Quick Start

  • Order the hardware if you have not done so.
  • Download or build the firmware binary. The current solution is to boot embedded Linux kernel and initramfs as UEFI payload. Please contact Wiwynn to get a UEFI binary after ordering.
  • Flash the firmware.
    • Copy the downloaded firmware to OpenBMC.
    • From OpenBMC
  fw-util mb --update bios --force ./<firmware image name>
  • Boot and enjoy.
    • From OpenBMC
  power-util mb reset
  sol-util mb


How to build

Follow Build Details for details on how to get the source code, and how to build.

Boot flow of the current firmware solution is: Power on --> minimized UEFI --> Linuxboot --> target OS.

In near feature, the boot flow will be: power on --> Coreboot --> Linuxboot --> target OS.

Build Details

  git clone https://github.com/linuxboot/linuxboot.git
  • You need to apply Wiwiynn's linuxboot patch for now
cd linuxboot
wget -O TiogaPass.patch https://github.com/johnnylinwiwynn/linuxboot/commit/28ae8450b3b05c6e6b8c74e29d0974ccf711d5e6.patch
git am TiogaPass.patch
  • Build the kernel bzImage (has embeded initramfs) for linuxboot, please reference Building u-root and Building a suitable Linux kernel for how to build the bzImage. You can always customize your Linux kernel configuration to suit your needs, please reference Wiwynn's kernel configuration file as a sample linux_config.
  • Place the tioga.rom into linuxboot/boards/tioga which is provided from Wiwynn after ordering, and also put your bzImage to the root folder of linuxboot, and then make
  cp path/to/tioga.rom linuxboot/boards/tioga
  cp path/to/bzImage linuxboot
  cd linuxboot
  BOARD=tioga make
  • You should see the built image at build/tioga/linuxboot.rom.

How to operate

Follow TBD section for details on:

  • How to flash. The image can be flashed either out-of-band, or from Linuxboot u-root shell, or from targetOS shell.
  • How to run Linuxboot u-root shell commands.

Platform info

The SKU contains TiogaPass board, a debug card, a VGA card, a power adapter. The details can be obtained from Here.

Platform design details (including the design spec and schematics) can be found from Here.


Hardware support

Hardware support can be obtained from Wiwynn Corporation(http://www.wiwynn.com/english)

Community support

OCP Open System Firmware is where industry collaborates on how to move forward with OSF. The OCP OSF project has regular recorded meetings and a mailing list.

Linuxboot open source community is the community you can ask any technical questions. Linuxboot community has a slack channel, a IRC channel, a mailing list and regular meetings.

Professional support

Following companies provides professional support services:

** TBD **